• What are common types of pain?
    • Four of the most common types of pain include:
      1. Joint Pain – pain or stiffness that occurs around joints, including knees, ankles, wrists, hands, feet, shoulders, and the neck
      2. Muscle Pain – muscle pain refers to soreness or aches and can be either a dull or sharp pain. Common locations often include lower back, sides of the torso, neck, upper back, and shoulder regions
      3. Nerve Pain – nerve pain occurs when a health condition affects the nerves that carry sensation to the brain. It is a particular type of pain that feels different from other kinds of pain. It often feels like a shooting, stabbing or burning sensation.
      4. Arthritic Pain – this type of pain refers to swelling and tenderness around joints, which may worsen with more activity or with age. It may feel like a dull ache or a burning sensation.
  • What is chronic pain?
    • Chronic pain is constant or ongoing pain that can come in different forms, including muscle aches, joint stiffness, or shooting nerve or arthritis pain. Chronic pain may be caused by a medical condition, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, internal illness, or it may be pain caused by an injury, accident, extensive physical activity, or exercise. The good news is that chronic pain can be treated with topical creams, gels, and ointments, which can help provide relief
  • What is acute pain?
    • Acute joint stiffness or muscle pain, can happen from physical exertion, including running, lifting heavy objects. Also, it may be induced or caused by long periods of sitting, driving, or standing. The good news is that acute joint and muscle pain can also be treated with topical creams, gels, and ointments, which can help provide relief